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Praveen Lohar
Praveen Lohar
05:25 11 Aug 21
I have booked an appointment from Lawyer on phone. Interestingly, got a call within 24 hours from their team for leagal advice. Lawyers are very professional and good listener. Their advice are very genuine and provide you good guidance. They have Subject matter expert team on all matters. Highly recommended for legal solutions.
Shivang Sharma
Shivang Sharma
17:05 01 Oct 20
The lawyer behaviour is very nice and really he is very excellent in our profession and he is very good experience lawyer. The lawyer is mr. Sunil Bakshi.I wish and pray to God for this compay take a touch a sky and gain a name all our the world.......The company member is very good and hardworking and passionate for our company...............
Jaya Krishna
Jaya Krishna
13:33 26 May 20
I consulted with Sunil Bakshi sir.I was very happy & content with the advice I have got.I recommend to all my friends..
Meha Dube
Meha Dube
14:38 17 Apr 20
One of the best experience I have had with an online consultation .I have been given detailed solution of my query. Also my consultation has been done by Mr Bakshi and he has given me best possible solution to my queries .Thanks
Anima Mallick
Anima Mallick
07:27 16 Apr 20
I'm fully satisfied by the consultancy. As I didn't have any knowledge about legal procedures. I got important information about all procedures.
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what are reasons and grounds for divorce?

divorce legal advice book

You can easily get a divorce based on different grounds. Most of the times, extra marital affairs are the main reason for separation. But, you need to provide a proof in front of the court.

Adultery, Cruelty, Desertion, Conversion, Insanity  are some of reasons given by many applicant.

Good experience lawyer have many ideas to get a divorce. If you really confuse about which ground is suitable for you then you can directly consult with our expert divorce lawyers in India.

step by step divorce procedure in india

divorce legal advice from lawyer In India, the divorce procedure is divided into seven steps.
  • Filing of the petition
  • Service of summons
  • Response
  • Trial
  • Interim orders
  • Argument
  • Final order
To know more about Divorce Procedure and free yourself from complicated problems regarding Divorce. Get instant divorce legal advice online from a trusted Divorce Lawyer In India now!

Our Divorce lawyer In india help you in...

There are mainly four important factors which need to be sorted out at the time of Divorce. Like: Financial Settlements, Property and Assets Division, Custody of Child and Alimony. 

Financial Settlement

Once you have taken the decision to go for divorce, start preparing your household budget. Which is based on monthly earnings.

Child Custody

Things become more complicated if the couple has children. The courts can sometimes agree to the decision of the parents during a mutual consent divorce.


One has to see if the partner is financially independent. If both are working, the husband may not need to pay for the wife's routine expenses.

Property Division

Before splitting your savings and assets, it's necessary to list them. You need to list your items like real estate properties (house), TV, refrigerator and car etc.

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    Divorce Related FAQ's

    Divorce is a legal way to end a marriage. It is the formal method through which all the legal and marital responsibilities that a husband and wife have toward each other come to an end. In India, there are two types of divorce – ‘Divorce by Mutual Consent’ and ‘Contested Divorce’.

    There are mainly two types of divorce petition in India.
    1. Divorce via the mutual consent of both the partners
    2. Contested Divorce without the mutual consent of either of one partner

    In case of a divorce by mutual consent, once the divorce petition is posted in the court, statements of both the husband and wife are recorded.

    In case of a divorce by contested divorce, one partner may file a divorce against others but it is important that they should have strong grounds of marriage breakdown.

    In the initial motion, receipt of all the required documentation and filing it in the court. After that, in the next motion, both the partners have to present personally in the court. Where both have to confirm that they are still want to be divorced. Only after the further processing court issues the degree of divorce.

    Every religion has its personal laws which have different rules for divorce. Before filing a divorce, it is necessary to consult best divorce lawyers to understand the correct divorce procedure. Divorce lawyer can guide you about the type of divorce you should opt for in accordance with your conditions. 

    Divorce lawyer also assists you in dealing with other matters like maintenance petition, child custody, division of jointly-owned assets, dowry demand, etc…

    The total cost of a Divorce process basically depends on the type of divorce petition that you choose to go for. While standardizing or fixing a cost is hard, a major deciding factor, apart from the types, is the expertise of the lawyer. The cost is made of different expenses like court fee, lawyer’s fee, notarization, documentation charges that include photocopy, etc.

    In case of divorce with mutual consent, the custody of the child gets amicably settled between the parties.

    But in case of a contested divorce, the court analyzes the parenting ability of both the husband & wife and after that if required the court talk to the child in a friendly environment to know the child’s desire and normally the order of custody given on the best interest of the child.

    Practically it has been seen in most of the divorce cases that the non-working mothers get the custody of the child and the father bear the expense of the child.

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    Advocate J. V. Tare Patil

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    Specialized In: Criminal matters
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    Location:  Mumbai, Maharashtra
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    Experience:  6 years
    Specialized In: Appeals, Arbitration, Banking, Divorce
    Practice Courts: District Court, High Court, Tribunal
    Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

    Location:  Mumbai, Maharashtra
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    Consultation Fee: Rs.1000 Rs.350

    Advocate Zaid Anwar Qureshi

    Experience:  3 years
    Specialized In: Anti-Corruption, Appeals, Bail & Bonds, Child Custody, Criminal Law
    Practice Courts: District Court,High Court,Tribunal
    Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu

    Location:  Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Availability:  09:00 AM – 06:00 PM (Monday-Saturday)
    Consultation Fee: Rs.1000 Rs.350

    Advocate Sunil Gosavi

    Experience:  5 years
    Specialized In: Anti-Corruption, Appeals, Arbitration, Cheque Bounce, Child Custody, Civil, Constitutional Law
    Practice Courts: District Court,High Court,Consumer Court,Tribunal
    Languages: English

    Location:  Mumbai, Maharashtra
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    Consultation Fee: Rs.1000 Rs.350

    Advocate Vishakha Gupte

    Experience:  10 years
    Specialized In: Alimony, Arbitration, Banking, Civil, Cyber Laws
    Practice Courts: District Court
    Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

    Location:  Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Availability:  09:00 AM – 06:00 PM (Monday-Saturday)
    Consultation Fee: Rs.1000 Rs.350