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In some matters, you want urgent legal advice. As per your request, we provide help as soon as possible.

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You can call expert lawyer and ask any questions that you want for 30 minutes. To get Honest & Unbiased 2nd Opinion​.

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Don't worry... We care about you. We keep your information private & confidential. Please feel free to share your details.

100% money back guarantee

We are providing 100% money back guarantee if we unable to provide you help within 24 working hours.

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Fill up your details & register for help

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Pay online

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We contact you to understand your case

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get legal advice & Hire a right lawyer in india!

Till now provided 6400+ legal advice all over India. One of the growing and leading platforms with 500+ lawyer’s network.

why phone consultation is better than in-person consultation?

In today’s tech driven world, most of people like to use instant messaging or call. People are too busy to put aside a few hours to receive a consultation on the far end of town. Everyone is looking for the quickest and safest route that answers their problems.

On phone you can get consultation from multiple expert lawyers. There is no need to visit lawyer’s office. It’s save your time and money also. Taking 2nd opinion or consultation from lawyer, they will provide you truthful, straightforward and unbiased help. Because you are not future customer for them… you are just taking consultation from them.

It is very important to take phone consultation from multiple lawyers, before hiring them for your case…

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We are one of the growing and leading platforms which provide legal advice in India. We have 500+ lawyers network. Join us to grow with us.

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Now you can’t trust anybody but want to solve your problem.  Please feel free to contact us. Ask how we work and how we can help you.

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We are human being. We want to discuss with human not a bot. You can ask any questions directly on whatsapp about our services to understand more.​

FAQ's about legal advice

We have default 30 minutes session. In some cases, it needs to talk for more than 30 minutes. That time, you can register for multiple sessions.

In India, there are many languages. Hindi and English are a common language. Most of our lawyer consult in Hindi and English.

Sometime, it would be possible that a lawyer is in your area. But most of the times, we prefer to provide you Best Lawyer. So in that case, a lawyer is not from your area.

Many times, we forget important points to inform in telephonic conversation to the lawyer. That time it is possible, you would not get proper advice. To avoid this,
1. Write down your case details and all the queries before attending the lawyer call. That will help you to ask the right questions to a lawyer.
2. Please keep your all legal documents with you before the telephonic conversation. That will help you to provide the right information to the lawyer.

Within a half hour, you discuss lots of things. Most of the people, remember only 30% of the discussion.
If you record your call then you can hear the call in the future many times to regain discussion. You can use this recording for future reference.

That is a very good question. After answering your all queries, at the end of the consultation, our lawyer will ask you two questions.

  1. Do you get answers for your all questions?
  2. Do you have any more questions?

Please answer him clearly YES or NO. Your answers help us to understand that our lawyer satisfied your queries.

This situation happens with us but very rarely. Yes, we gave refund up to 100%. For that, you need to record your telephonic conversation with the lawyer and send us. Our quality control team analyze your call and decide. We provide up to 100% refund as per call quality.

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